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Really need something to hold on

These past two day, I felt really depressed because the conflict between the Junsu's tweet and Yunho's answer question about JYJ's contacting.  I don't know which one is true or which one is fake.  I also don't want to bash anyone of them, I just want to support all 5 together and hope they will come back one day.  Is that too much to ask?  Is that day will come?  I always repeat the phrase:  "Always keep faith in them", I don't want to give up now, I support them this far already.  God please, give me strength to continue this faith.  Can someone told me when this damn lawsuit will end?  DAMN IT SM COMPANY, GIVE IN TO OUR BOYS.  MANY PEOPLE SUFFERED BY THE DAMN AGENCY ALREADY.
Merry Christmas everyone.  Hope our boys TVXQ have a good Christmas too.  Always keep in faith, don't give up.  TVXQ as five again in one day
wow, it is been long, I didn't post on my LJ, but the time I didn't post on LJ is not long as the time we didn't see DBSK as one together.  Did they really disband, they go on separate ways now.  HOMIN is on SM10 concert while JAESUCHUN on nation 10 concert.  It is so sad that they are on the stage again, but not as five.  Why not SM company step back and try to negotiate with Jaesuchun, don't they see that homin still see themselves as TVXQ, and many fans out there wish to see them as five and they even shout out DONG BANG SHI KI at SM10 concert.  Anyway, I still keep faith in them, and always hope that one day I can see them in stage together.  Besides, I am sad of some rumor about yunho and ara.  Are both of them really dating, they hang out contently.
Many things happen in these few months to DBSK/TVXQ.  Yunho went for MJ concert "This is it".  Jaejoong and Yoochun is going in Japan drama.  Changmin also is in acting too.  Now, it seem they on their own because they also stop their activities as group in Japan.  I don't know if I still can keep faith in them because the only hope see them as group in Japan had stop.  Don't know when I see them as five again in the same stage.
Now add another news about jaechunsu will make a new group and SM intertainment company raise the lawsuit.  I really lost all my hope in them.  I admire them a lot about their friendship all these years before but now I don't know what to believe.  Fortunately, my bestfriend who also a fan of DBSK told me that just keep in faith, and wait, believe in miracle that one day all five of them will reunited and sing a beautiful song for us.  SO ALL THE FAN OUT THERE DON'T LOSE HOPE AND CONTINUE BELIEVE IN THEM.
I feel so depress right now, that why I choose to write it on this journal.  I feel sad and sorry for DBSK/TVXQ because I hear the rumor that they are official break up.  Why don't yunho and changmin leave with the trio, why can't stay at one again.  I hate this, these past few month, i tried to ignore all the rumors about DBSK, but somehow it still get in my head, and make me feel crying right now.  So disappoint in Korea Entertainment now.  I pray to god now, that let them stay together again don't let them disband.  

God, I have exam on Wednesday of this week, but I didn't study any yet because of the stupid news of DBSK.
Why???  In the beginning of this lawsuit, there is no internal conflict between members but why now?  Is it really true that yunmin support SM company and against to their team member who work and go through with them for past five years.  Add to these, it seem yunmin's parent also against with jaesuchun.  I don't know what to believe anymore, what to support anymore.  If the statement of yunho and changmin are truth, I am sure the DBSK will be disband (I really hate yunho and changmin if that happen), and I WANT DBSK AS FIVE NOT AS TWO OR THREE.
Well, I have two days off from college, so I decide to post something on my journal (It seem I become lazy now, don't want to write and any lately).  Today, I read a news about DBSK case, I am now extremly worry about them.  Both side jaechunsu, and SM company fail to reach the agreement.  I am really don't want DBSK disband, they are best band of the world, also they don't want the break up of the famous couple yunjae.  Anyway, I always support them no matter what happen.  I told myself that just keep in faith, and hope if jaechunsu leave SM company, homin will join them later.  DBSK ALWAYS TOGETHER (this is the words that yunho said in shanghai concert)

Sep. 11th, 2009

Since, I went back to school, I am too lazy to post.  However, today I don't with my first exam of psychology, and get the good score, so I decide to write something on my LJ.
Recently, my mood is ok too, because of yunjae news, they are going out for lunch in the public even though they didn't alone, but I am still happy with it.  Once more new about yunjae which I read on the Asianfanatics-Yunjae heaven- The fans vote yunjae is the sweetest couple.  Wow, that make my day.

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man, i only one more week break before going back to college.  I am so lazy, i even did not buy the books yet and not ready for school.

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i am so pissed off right now.  That stupid SM company said that they gave DBSK 40%.  What the heck?  If they give the number, i don't think jaeyoosu will sue them.  SM company just want to make fan of DBSK think jaeyoosu is greedy.  God, I really want to kill them now.  Luckily, now the fans of DBSK do something that they will not buy SM production anymore.  Yeah, we should stay strong together and fight with SM company to protect our boys.



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